CS b-Bioactive®

CS b-Bioactive® is No.1 researched chondroitin in the market. Its efficacy has been proven in 20 controlled clinical trials and more than 5,000 patients.

CS b-Bioactive® manufacturing process guarantees unique molecular properties that ensure better absorption and efficacy.

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EULAR 2016. European Congress of Rheumatology
EULAR 2016. European Congress of Rheumatology
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Latest Research

CS b-Bioactive® in combination with Glucosamine has an Efficacy Comparable to Celecoxib in Severe Osteoarthritis CS b-Bioactive® Reduces Brain Response to Knee Pain, as Assessed by Functional MRI CS b-Bioactive® Reduces the Risk of Total Knee Replacement CS b-Bioactive® can halt joint deterioration in patients with knee osteoarthritis

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